Oasis Vs Paperwhite

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Oasis Vs Paperwhite

You might be confusing to choose the best Kindle between Oasis & Paperwhite. A comparison of both the Amazon Kindle will help you to select one Kindle suitable for your need. Let's begin Oasis Vs Paperwhite comparison and more.

All about Paperwhite

  1. Kindle Paperwhite is light-weighted and thinner in shape.
  2. The price is almost half than of Kindle Oasis.
  3. Paperwhite’s screen size is 6-inch
  4. Waterproof IPX8 that prevent your Kindle if it is up to 2 meters of deep water for 60 minutes.
  5. In its front 5 LEDs
  6. Audible features to listening audio by connection with Bluetooth enabled speakers or headphone.
  7. 8GB and 32GB storage options which are enough to store thousands of books, comics, and magazine.
  8. 1-year limited warranty
  9. Colours – black, twilight blue, sage, plum

All about Oasis

  1. The price of Oasis is double than of Paperwhite so it is beneficial if you purchase using a Kindle discount coupon.
  2. Oasis’s weight is 194 grams and Paperwhite’s weight is less than Oasis.
  3. Paperwhite is somewhat thick than Oasis.
  4. Oasis’s screen size is 7-inch
  5. It has a page turn button that not in Paperwhite.
  6. In its front light 25 LEDs
  7. 1-year limited warranty
  8. Colours – graphite, champagne gold
  9. Automatic rotating page orientation
  10. Adjustable warm light

How to purchase a Kindle?

You can purchase it from Amazon because here, Amazon offers Kindle monthly deals & daily deals. If you buy books from the kindle store these deals will help you to get a discount.

Which is better between Oasis & Paperwhite?

Of course, Kindle Oasis is better than Paperwhite.

Which is an affordable Kindle?

The Kindle Paperwhite is affordable.

What are the similarities between both Kindle?

  1. 300 PPI resolution
  2. 8GB or 32GB storage
  3. Weeks of battery life
  4. Audible
  5. Parental controls
  6. Flush-front design
  7. Water-proof
  8. One year warranty


Initilay, you'll face some tough time to find out your best deal between Amazon Kindle vs Oasis in 2022 and make your procuring under your budget. Along with it, you should to know about how many types of Amazon kindle generation in 2022.


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